Dock Light Arms

Tri Lite offers dock light arms to be sold separately from lamp heads. Purchase longer arms to extend the reach of current lamp heads, or as a replacement for worn out arms on existing lights.

Part Number Arm Type Arm Length
DL24ARM Double Strut 24-inch
SD24ARM Single Strut 24-inch
DL40ARM Double Strut 40-inch
DSDL40ARM Double Strut Adjustable 40-inch
FLDL40ARM Flex Double Strut 40-inch
SD40ARM Single Strut Adjustable 40-inch
DL60ARM Double Strut 60-inch
DSDL60ARM Double Strut Adjustable 60-inch
FLDL60ARM Flex Double Strut 60-inch
SD60ARM Single Strut Adjustable 60-inch
DL90ARM Double Strut 90-inch
DSDL90ARM Double Strut Adjustable 90-inch
FLDL90ARM Flex Double Strut 90-inch
DL114ARM Double Strut 114-inch
DSDL114ARM Double Strut Adjustable 114-inch
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