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Signal / Dock Guide Lights

The Tri Lite "Stop & Go" Loading Dock Safety Light is a safety signaling device that can help alert truck drivers and loading dock personnel to the status of docked or docking trucks. They can also be used as signal lights in a variety of applications including parking lots and lift gates, inspection lanes, access to secured areas or buildings, car washes, drive-up windows, and as a starting signal for water slides or motor raceways. "Stop & Go" Loading Dock Safety Lights are available with standard incandescent lamps or long-lasting LEDs. Tri Lite's new LED Loading Dock Guide Light Set helps provide added safety at loading docks by improving a truck driver’s depth perception when backing into an open dock. They provide an ideal reference point for drivers to align a truck trailer with the warehouse door while backing into a loading dock.

When used together, Tri Lite's "Stop & Go" and LED Guide Light set provide a simple and reliable safety system that reduces the risks of accidents in and around the loading dock.

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